Saturday, 16 August 2008

On the Town!

Nothing excessive, now! I went to Edinburgh to watch Richard Holloway impersonate Thomas Becket in TS Eliot's "Murder in the Cathedral" at Old St Paul's. He really was very good as were all the amateur cast. I particularly enjoyed the 1st Tempter - an attractive minx in a soigne black cocktail dress! How else would one tempt an Archbishop? (Answer: that depends on the Archbishop!) But I was aware of a friendly shade at my elbow as I watched, heartily approving!

My great mentor, Fr Donald Nicholson, was Curate of St Stephen's Gloucester Road in the late 1930's. Eliot was one of the Churchwardens and, because his 1st marriage was in trouble at the time, he lived in the Clergy House, where he shared a bathroom with Donald! It was Donald who introduced me to Eliot and indeed "Murder in the Cathedral" and he later taught Richard Holloway when he was Vice-Principal of Coates Hall in the late 50's. Donald (who greatly liked Richard, even if he did think his theology was from time time suspect) would have loved last night (including the soigne temptress!). He seemed to be very present in spirit. I still miss the old boy despite it being 6 years since he passed on.

Afterwards I met some friends and we enjoyed a Thai meal in the Dalry Road. Not a bad night out at all. Just a shame the peeps on the train back thought their conversation was so interesting it had to be broadcast to the rest of the carriage at top volume. And that the Thai spices are now irritating my gullet! Andrews liver salts, we praise thee!

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