Sunday, 3 August 2008

Saturday night, Sunday morning

Having been prevented from going to watch the Blue Brazil yesterday (we lost 1-4), I snoozed before heading into Edinburgh to do some anointing at a new venture in Greyfriars Kirk for the Festival called Nitekirk. It runs from 8pm-Midnight from the 2nd-10th August and is a sacred space and drop in in the Kirk with oodles of candles, artwork, music poetry and some religious stuff like anointing, communion and compline. It felt very odd to be doing one of the 5 sacraments the Kirk dropped at the Reformation in the Kirk where the National Covenant was signed!! I'm sure I heard some covenanters rotating in the Graveyard!

Sadly my late return and midnight pizza meant that I slept through the alarm this morning and had a heck of a rush for Church. Not good. The turnout was rather thin being the middle of the holidays but the singing was good and Tim made a nice job of celebrating. Tonight it's back to the Capital for a reception to launch St John's Princes Street's Festival of Spirituality (and play spot the celeb!). Busy old life!

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