Saturday, 9 August 2008

From sublime to ridiculous usual!

After the Archbishop on Thursday and the last Nite of Nitekirk on Friday, today was a rest, right? Well, apart from the Parish Garden party, yep! Of course it was raining torrentially until it finished but it went well, scones, strawberries and cream were munched in the Hall rather than in the Garden, champagne was on offer (well, they said it was champers, but it was really cava!) and I stuck to the strawberry lemonade, which was rather nice.

Fidge took some nice photos as part of Nitekirk. I posted my favourite on the Facebook page I have. A friend from London commented that in it I looked like Charles Hawtrey from the Carry On films. Brilliant - now I'm Private Widdle from "Up the Khyber"!

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