Saturday, 16 August 2008

A day that didn't quite go as planned.

Well the great plan was: 9.30 Mattins or Mass, office, off to drop off vestments in Dalmahoy at 12, 2.30pm Assumptiontide Mass at Stow, then Institution of the new pastor at Olivet Evangelical Church over the road from Christ Church. It went fine until I tried to drive to Dalmahoy and found the car battery was flatter than Norfolk! By the time Green Flag came and got me going, there was no way to reach Stow before 2.30. So after dropping off the borrowed tat at Dalmahoy, I assumed OL wanted me to go to watch Cowden play Albion Rovers at Central Park! (Our home strip is Royal Blue and white!). We beat them 2-1. Yaay! BTW, the steak pies at Central Park beat the ordinary ones hands down and both they and the Bovril are better at the main stand rather than the terraces.

After that came the institution. Very friendly folk they are at Olivet. Open Brethren. The preacher to my great surprise name checked Henry Scougal - a divine I haven't heard mentioned since our Church History classes in Aberdeen Uni on the Aberdeen Doctors! Look forward to improving links with them in the next wee while, as they have asked if they can use part of our Hall facilities for their Senior Bible Class on a Sunday. You never know what'll happen next here!


  1. Your choice of simile, my dear Father, is unbecoming in one of your cloth - dontcha think?


  2. On relection, a wee bit dodgy. Duly amended.