Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back in the ol' vineyard!

Oh, back to work today. 66 e-mails and struggling with a pew sheet because Oremus is on the blink. Normality resumes! It was a fabby week, but I'm already done an area Council last night, have a ministry team tomorrow and two school classes and follow up in the next week. Still, at least I returned to find the booklets for the monthly prayers for Unity were ready for next Wednesday.


  1. So irritating that Oremus is down - I tried in vain to log into it about 6 times yesterday. PC dependence - never a great thing clearly

  2. I can give you the RCL on a disk if that would help. And I have most of the Thursday eucharist readings saved. Any good?

  3. I have the RCl on disk thanks - it was at home not in the office. The Thursday readings sadly ain't much help on a Tuesday! But thanks for the kind offer.