Friday, 19 September 2008

Getting ready to go!

A mad rush to make sure all my bits are in place for next week's jaunt to Germany. Passport - check, EHIC card - check, dog to ma's - arranged, pew sheets - in hand, e-mails sent - yup. All systems go - H-Hour -48hrs.

We check into Edinburgh airport (Turnhouse, as I still call it) 5pm Sunday for the 7pm Sleazy Jet to Dortmund. Then to the Hotel Konigshof and a week of exploring ecumenical link possibilities between the EKD of Westphalia and their local ecumenical organisation the ACK (which has nothing to do with King's College London as far as I know) and FCT (Falkirk Churches Together).

Having done Latin rather than German at school, I had a sesh with Margaret our organist today. Not on music, but on German phrases (she speak Der lingo). I can now introduce myself, tell them I'm an SEC priest and find the toilet! Practical German for beginners! And I promise not to mention the War, Sybil!

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