Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Random Thoughts

Am I Victor Meldrew's wee brother? I nipped out for a swim this afternoon and kept glaring at the young ladies hogging the centre lane of the pool thinking "I thought the schools had gone back". In due course it transpired they had just left school at the summer break. I also meditated on the American elections: are the Republicans getting their candidates from the "Round the Horne" leftover pile? Ageing war hero Binkie Hugabomb and Governor Celia Moosestrangler. Do I need to get out more often? Probably.


  1. The big irritation is to find two large women swimming slowly down the lane you've occupied for the past half hour and are still in. They are chatting as they swim and take up the space of a small whale. They are to be found on a regular basis in Dunoon and they are immune to suggestions about lane discipline. Bah humbug.

  2. Yes, you just wish if they want to chat they'd bug off and have a coffee!