Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A busy day.

Having dealt with 2 classes from the local school before lunch, I was somewhat stunned to discover that the local Missions to Seafarers Chaplain Tom (who was due to be licenced at the beginning of October) had died suddenly last night. That's a major shock, as I'd only met him last week and he was due to preach at Christ Church in November. Next I had lunch with mum and then did some admin - trip to Germany related. After exercising the hound, I shot off to join the vestry for our pre meeting fish and chips at Benny T's and then a meeting with a humongous agenda (always is after the summer hols). I chaired it rather briskly and we finished in 2 hours which was good going. Was given a rather fun pressie by Bob and Lesley - some tapes of "Round the Horne" and "Beyond our Ken". Bona, as they say!

Quite a tiring day really, given that yesterday I was up in St Andrews for some fresh air with Max and found the grave of an SEC calender saint in the East Cemetery quite by chance (Lucy Menzies), but had to come back for a Cursillo meeting in South Queensferry, which slightly dampened the day off feeling. More school tomorrow and I must go to Edinburgh to drop of some Cursillo bumph in the Diocesan Office. Hopefully I can combine that with dinner with a visiting friend who's in town until Sunday and who I haven't seen for years. Time for bed as Zebedee said!

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