Saturday, 15 November 2008

Praise where praise is due!

As has doubtless been noted by the Internet Thought Police, I am not the chair of the Falkirk branch of the Alex Salmond Fan Club. But all credit to the man, he was actually very good last night impersonating the Rev I M Jolly for Children in Need. Funnier than Tony Blair when he did "Am I bovvered?" with Catherine Tate. Mind you, I don't personally find her terribly funny anyhow and I always was a Rikki Fulton fan. Humour is a very personal thing and I never found Russell Brand amusing but I love Frankie Boyle.

Today it's off to the old home town to watch the Blue Brazil take on Stenhousemuir. Who are a Falkirk team. Divided loyalties? Nope, I am a faithful BB and will back my team. A draw would be fine, but we need to beat them if we are to keep up our promotion prospects. And as I spellchecked this blog, Stenhousemuir was queried and the machine suggested that I meant to type "satanism"! So let's hope for a victory against the goat sacrificers of Larbet!


  1. Your sense of humour, Dougal, is immaculate, and Frankie Boyle will be on a par with Billy Connolly eventually. However, The Salmond isn't that bad. Apart from being a little smug at times, I think the Scottish Parliament has done really well under his leadership. He's a shrewd cookie!

  2. He's not been too bad as FM, but I was at Uni with his wee bro and reckoned if Eck was only half as daft as Bob, the country would be in trouble! Luckily, he's only a quarter as crazy!!