Saturday, 1 November 2008

One man and his dog, an electrician and a gym instructor!

Just kidding folks! No clerical scandals in Falkirk.

We had a slightly hairy night last night, Max and I. He, like many a dog, hates Halloween/Guy Fawkes. He was a bit jittery with the bangs last night. Luckily, I'd been dosing him with a new herbal concoction from the vet, which meant he wasn't as upset as he has been. The good thing is, it doesn't dope him out, so it has my vote.

The bathroom light in the Rectory is playing up a bit, which is probably due to the electrical system being installed by Thomas Alva Edison, so it's bathing by the light of the shaving lamp if I choose to shower in the evening! Which might be romantic, if I wasn't single! Willie the electrician is dealing with it as I type.

My disinclination for solo bathing inclines to a trip to the health club for a wee swim and sauna. The pool is patrolled by the gym instructors. Hence the headline!

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