Thursday, 6 November 2008

Clergy Conference.

Underwhelmed I am after the clergy conference. The 1st session really made me lose the will to live - and all I can say about Indaba is, the Zulu's have certainly revenged themselves for Rorke's Drift! And the pheasant was tough. The 1st night was not really a success.

Luckily, it did improve on day 2 and we did some useful thinking about clergy support. The Bishop evidently had a rough time in his group - which I personally think is unfair and doesn't match my personal experience of him as pastor. Don't bash the Bishop was what I was taught in confirmation class!! Mind you, the Rector may have been on about summat else...

Of the conferences I have attended this was the least stimulating. No external input for a start. It also hit us with a 2 hour lecture as an opener, when we really needed to wind down from the Sunday and the rush to get there. Still, the meal on the Tuesday was far better, so I was a happy bunny after supper!

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