Sunday, 23 November 2008

I will survive.. the AGM!

Yes! It's over for another year. We zipped through the business in 1 hour and there were no riots (well, one picky pest who wanted to speak to a written report - we have written reports to avoid having people speaking to them - and he was squished from the chair!). Joy abounds!

The night before was the opera at the cinema and it was superb! The Met live from New York in Hi-Definition and it was absolutely marvellous and enthralling. OK, one has to suspend belief at the plot (like a teenager is really going to fall for the older guy whose been watching her undress through her bedroom window and has broken in to meet her! Rather than scream at the weirdo and use mace! Yeah, right!), but it was a stunning production with interactive scenery, CGI and all sorts of fabby modern tech stuff. And Napoleonic costumes. And all for a tenner! Roll on Thais on the 20th December!

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  1. Sounds as if you shoulda sent the picky one and the report outside to speak to one another! (Sorry - find that particular jargon amusing)