Sunday, 16 November 2008

Christmas is coming!!

You know it's getting near Christmas in Dougaltown when you hear the Falkirk Children's Theatre doing selected numbers from their annual Crimbo production in front of the Steeple. This year it's "Oliver" (well, it was on the telly with Andrew Lloyd Wotsit earlier in the year, so it's hardly a surprise). Sadly, as I passed, Nancy was hitting "I'll do anything" in a pitch that would suggest Bill Sykes had mitigating circumstances for his evil deeds! Nerves, no doubt and the fact it was bleeding Baltic out there today!

This morning we observed St Margaret of Scotland, not out of any deep principle or devotion, but because the organist picked the hymns and went for St Maggie. Coincidentally, the organists name is Margaret. Funny that! We had 6 Margaret's in the pews this morning, which I think may be some sort of record. Maybe. Had the Rector's Warden been there, it would have been 7!


  1. I decided to leave The Blessed Maggie until Monday, as I have another liturgical car crash coming....

    Advent Sunday, St Andrews Day, and the baptism of a baby called Andrew!

    How does one prioritise on such an occasion with 110 invited guests coming to the baptism?

  2. Advent takes precedence - but Andrew gets the sermon! Course if you wore Sarum blue, rather than purple, they just think you were a Nationalist!