Tuesday, 16 December 2008

The day thou gavest, Lord is ended. Phew!

A slightly panicky day today. Yesterday I could not find the Carol service for the MU on the computer. Luckily today it appeared on the Office Manager's Infernal Machine, so much new labour (this is not a political comment)was avoided. Then we discovered that nobody had actually booked a table for the FCT Ministry team Crimbo nosh up - and it's the 16th of December and the lunch is tomorrow!!! Luckily the local Tally restaurant was free - which means either the credit crunch is biting or the foods gone down the pan. We shall see.

The actual MU carolific bash went OK. But the afternoon (well, what was left of it) was spent harassing the Bishop's Office over a Canon 31 application which is running late. Now this is not the fault of the Diocesan Admin. The paperwork which should have arrived from the lawyers by August, due to legal sloth and sickness didn't appear until the 14th of November. And things have been knocked back by delay after delay caused by finding out dates of baptism etc and me being dizzy over jury service. so now I am pushing it as we need to get the papers into the Registrar PDQ. What a day! Chocolate is needed!

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