Sunday, 14 December 2008

Dougal's TV Burp

Well, that's a downer - Nora Batty is no more and it looks as if it might finish off Last of the Summer Wine. A pity, as it's gentle humour beats Russell Brand any day in my book.

I think I very slightly startled some of the congregation by quoting from the Qi Book of Advanced Banter in the sermon this morning. Normally, I don't reveal the source of my quotations, but I thought it might lighten up the morning. Roughly, Life is a river that often has blood in the water and other bits of debris that historians record. But on the riverbank, people are getting on with their lives, building homes, having babies and even sculpting things. Civilisation is what happens on the river bank, not in the River. Kinda makes sense to me. I then entertained the Pastoral Care Group after the meeting with some quotes on marriage: "Love is blind - and marriage is an institution for the blind" Also, "I won't bother marrying again. I'll just find a woman I loathe and give her a house". Methinks the author of those two gems had had a rather iffy divorce!


  1. A book of "Advanced Banter"? C'mon. you lived in Glasgow once! You could be the author!

  2. Yes, but it's intelligent banter and doesn't use the phrase "firf**ssake"!

  3. Nothing wrong with "firf**ssake" in context!