Tuesday, 2 December 2008

The thoughts of Chairman Dougal.

Perhaps it was tempting fate to think that an Area Council AGM might be the highlight of the day. It wasn't. The content was fine, but the chairing diabolical. So here are some wee thoughts on how to lead meetings.

1. Before you start, know when you aim to finish.

2. 10-15 mins before your intended finishing time, remind people that the hour of intended release from this travail is nigh!

3. Keep them to the point in hand: fascinating as reminiscences of St Bigot's in the days of Canon Flannel are, remember Dougal's Ecclesiastical Relevance Mantra - "And what has that got to do with the price of Spam in Govan?"

4. Do not be afraid to cut people off, wind 'em in or bring them to heel. It's not rude or not nice - it's your job as chair.

5. Age may not wither them but neither does it give the oldest gasbag in the group a divine right to drivel. Respect your elders but move them swiftly on when they meander pointlessly.

There you go! And now for the Mother's Union! Banzai!


  1. Thank you, Chairman Dougal - I was literally laughing out loud at the thought of Canon Flannel at St Bigot's!

  2. I will attach Chairman Dougal's Rools to the next Vestry Agenda!