Monday, 1 December 2008

Due process and the mills of God.

I am gently underwhelmed with my 1st experience of the legal system. I arrived at 12 noon and within 30 minutes we were sent for an early lunch, due to lawyers needing time to sort things out. Back at 2pm, only to be released again within 30 mins as the legal beagles needed more time. So 3 hours in a room, of which 50% was lunch break! Still, at least they are meticulous (which is rather reassuring) and the panel of jurors was a real mix. The diversity of an "Eeny, meeny, miney, mo" approach to jury selection was obvious and of the pile, only 15 will be selected and them by drawing names out of a glass bowl. Blind justice indeed! The upshot is we need not be there tomorrow, but should phone the Juror helpline after 5pm to see wassup on Wednesday!

It makes tonight's Area Council AGM positively thrilling in anticipation (there's a 1st for you!). If only we can keep the mitred one concise and the parish rep bods from droning on about how good their last fete was, I'll be happy! Sadly, I'm not in the chair, so neither is guaranteed!

The reasonable news today was that the Ministry Team Christmas lunch is booked - sadly, in my least favourite local Italian restaurant! That'll teach me to miss team meetings!

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