Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It's Christmas Eve .. Don't Panic!

Even when yer flower convener appears at 10am to tell you she can smell gas in the Church! Visions of the gas being cut off, the Midnight in Baltic temps or even in the hall raced through my mind. So the Gas Man was called and cameth! Deo Gratias, there isn't a leak - but I'm darned if we can say what the funny smell is! Luckily it's incense tonight, so nobody will be able to smell anything other than Rosa Mystica! I'm just narked that some folks smelled something funny on Saturday and nobody told me! We didn't have to do this panic. Also, who gave the spare boiler house key to the gardener without putting a replacement one in the Vestry? We had to use a hammer and two jemmy's to access the boiler. The People's Warden reckons he could have a post retirement career as a burglar after this morning!! I reckoned that might muck up his work on the Children's Panel somewhat!

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