Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Bouncing along

Indeedy! Monday had me generating coffee and lunch for an Emmaus House taster day then off to 8 hours as Shift leader in da House. Sleepover and a further 8 hours, followed by cooking dinner and then a meeting meant I was a busy wee soul - but not frazzled and coping fine. I simply couldn't have done that on the bevvy. Today was hectic (one staff down) and then a team meeting, followed by a staff drink in the pub (cranberry and ginger ale pour moi). Tomorrow is the dreaded root canal, so prayer and painkillers welcome!

Oh and some glum news has come to my attention: ++ Rowan Williams has guffed it up again over Jeffery John and the "election" to the vacant See of Southwark. Can we appoint him to Argyll please?


  1. >Can we appoint him to Argyll please?

    Who, Rowan?

    Heavens, no!

  2. Rowan just needs to be sent packing. If he keeps it up, he'll soon be an Archbishop without anyone around to "ooh" and "ahh" when he walks in the room.

    Many prayers for your dental adventure, frdougal.

  3. Not Rowan - we have a perfectly decent crew of home grown dweebs for that sort of thing!