Saturday, 17 July 2010

Led into temptation.

Yesterday OUGHT to have been a fairly chilled day. A 10am start, development day (paperwork, such joys as filling referrals to Speech and language Therapy and of course ordering prunes!) followed by staff night out. The 1st 2 happened but then a little problem arose with a lack of SCIP trained personnel on duty (that means trained in how to do physical interventions). So I agreed to stay on a bit. That meant 2 hours with two doses of emergency meds to try and calm one of our peeps until the On Call cavalry could arrive. I came off duty and realised that going anywhere near a staff night out in a pub would not be a good idea. I was tired, stressed and hungry and that was too much of a temptation. Home, redbush tea, compline a fish supper, strawberries and then a smidgen of brie seemed more sensible.

I'm actually quite proud that I realised the dangers and was strong enough to resist the "Oh feck it" temptation. It would have been really easy to say "I deserve a drink after a day like that" (which part of my head was saying) and I have a horrid idea where that would have led. So this morning I'll do a meeting and then go see ma. Sober like!


  1. You should be proud that you realise the personal stressors that tempt you into unhelpful situations & the key is that you are have self-control and the honesty to know your boundaries. Well done.

  2. Good on ya, frdougal. Traveling mercies as you go off to your mom's.

  3. Well done ! Never listen to that wee man on your shoulder!