Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday, Sunday

With a re-ordered shift pattern, I had to find somewhere different to go to bug God this morning. St Michael's started at 11am and I had to be at work by noon. So 'twas St Martin's Tynecastle for a wee change being only 10 mins from work and a 10.15am start. Being an ex-Baptist building, it's not exactly dazzling in terms of architecture or decor. Indeed, the apricot/toffee paint really doesn't work with a dull blue main carpet and a scarlet sanctuary carpet. but the Dali-esque mural on the Sanctuary wall works very well, artistic mediocrity notwithstanding. However, the sermon was very meaty with a fine blast of Martin Luther and bags of biblical analysis (2 sermons really). And they sang well - good modern hymns mixed with some old faves. I enjoyed it, though it's deuced low in my humble opinion. Cassock-alb and stole in not my preferred liturgical outfit!

Work was OK with shopping a major part of my day; dinner was a splendid smoked mackerel, trout and egg salad with capers, followed by roast chicken. I is gently sated!

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  1. I blame Bill Brockie for the Cassock Alb stuff. Low Church punter!