Thursday, 29 July 2010

Law and Order

When Vicar's get in bother my heart goes out to them - usually. This one is different:

Obviously, there is some explanation for this abuse of the sacraments. I suspect it is fiscal cupidity (trying to get enough money to retire into an area of his preference??) rather than stupidity. This fella has lost his job, his home and quite possibly his pension and housing rights at the age of 61. Human frailty, ill health addiction, lust - all those are understandable reasons for clerical misdemeanours. Greed has never been one I understood.

Mind you, just because a court convicts you, it doesn't always mean you're guilty. According to some, even Dr Crippen was victim of a miscarriage of justice At this rate, they'll be retrying Madelene Smith soon!

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