Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day Off?

Up and at 'em early today as we prepared to receive a group of 12 Palestinian schoolboys from a boys home near Bethlehem. Of course, we might have got the inflatable beds up a darn sight faster had we discovered that the foot pump has a "deflate" hole as well as an inflate one earlier in the day!! My joy was compounded with a relatively painless root canal treatment, but when the jag wore off, I was swiftly advised to leave off the ibuprofen and rely on a paracetamol/codeine mix! It works!

The kids are excellent (if exhausting) and can put away pizza unlike anything I have ever seen! I treated myself to a Greek lunch a couple of doors down from Spiky Mike's. Just like the cafe we used in Paphos! Authentic dolmades and the Halloumi kebab was excellent. Tomorrow I visit the optician to see about new goggles and I fancy the documentary on the Doors (Yank rock band) that's on at the Cameo. Days off are no longer dull!

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