Sunday, 22 August 2010

Annual Leave

It's been a wee while, but I have been on leave.  The 1st weekend was Festival - American concert at the Usher Hall, Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue, Copland's Lincoln Portrait (listen to this if ever you doubt that the USofA has a culture that has great aspects) and a frankly painfuly Symphony by a Charles Ives (the 2nd movement can only be described as an American Nightmare and the slamming of exit doors in the Hall as it proceeded was quite revealing!).  Then, "5 Guys named Moe" starring the author who is now Detective Fearon in "The Wire" and has wee bowlly legs in real life!).  Oh yes and a Haydn Mass for the Assumption in St Michael's! Well, it is listed in the Fringe programme asa venue and performance so..

My Berwickshire lurk was very idle: I can recommend Bella Italia (not one of the chain BTW) in North Berwick for an Italian meal.  The Saltimbucca alla Romana was almost as good as the one I ate in Rome!  I also did some gardening: I now officially hate thistles (gardenweedius bigjaggybasturdus) and brambles (jammyfruitibush jaggybasturdus)!

Returning to da fringe I went to see "Reel to Real" a live miusical interspersing classic Hollywood clips with classic musical numbers (brill btw) and still have a few to see today prior to returning to work.  I also managed a jazz cruise on the Forth and have had a fabulous break.  Mind you ,company helps and the company was very congenial.  Dammit, I think I may be getting emotionally entangled and all that!

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