Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Doom and gloom!

A Scottish working class legend has passed away: Jimmy Reid, whose instruction to the work-in-ing UCS workers that "there will be nae bevvying" always tickled me, has died. Well, he was 78. A life well lived indeed.

However, it would appear that both the Israeli Army and the Vatican seem to have the same stoopid PR advisers: see and also Madness!They really haven't clue how the World sees them.

More seriously, the Beath are out of another Cup and Scotland are in the process of getting tanned by Sweden. Being Scottish isn't always easy!


  1. The refusal by B16 to accept the resignation of the Irish bishops is a real barrier to reconciliation within the Irish Catholic Church. The disaffection among the laity there will continue, and the hierarchy will have to answer for the destruction of people's faith. I just hope that they all find peace somehow, somewhere.

  2. Aye! But life is never dull!

  3. Kenny, neither is living in a Loony Bin! (Mind you we both went to Coates hall, so... we both know that!)