Saturday, 7 August 2010

Work and Play

Well, the Management aren't asking me to do the stupid tomorrow - 2 rather hefty SW's will be doing it instead:-). We went to see Thomas the Tank Engine at Bo'ness today - I recognised Thomas, but can't recall the identities of them 2 green trains. Any answers out there? Was yucked to see that the Union had asked for a 2.2% pay rise and restoration of our previous overtime rates (reduced last year due to the economic downturn for one year - ha!). The Company are proposing a pay freeze (!!!) and keeping the overtime rates as they are. Oh dear!

The mighty Blue Brazil have had their usual lousy start to the season - stuffed 2-0 by the Staggies. But we do this and still get promoted. Time will tell.


  1. Percy, Henry & Duck, just for a start.

    Look, you should really explore the web properly. Try this!

  2. It was Percy and Emily! But thanks for the link!