Friday, 6 August 2010

Calling Planet Stupid!

Sometimes it's not the client, but the relatives!! You thought they were human, not aliens visiting from Planet Stupid! (Mother of the Bride from Hell experiences do prepare you for this!) Enter one silly idea from family: taking our boy to the Festival Parade on Sunday. He hates children, loves things that make noises (motorbikes like) and when he decides to go for something weighs 200lbs and is built like a fecking tank! Not without a taser is my response (albeit a silent one). In reality, no way Jose, because it has not been Risk Assesed and our butts would be oot the windae if anything went wonky! Should the Management try undue pressure, I got my Union Card in the post yesterday and would simply phone the Helpline!

I have one small query regarding my new status as a Trade Unionist: do I get the Traditional Cloth Cap and Whippet uniform?

1 comment:

  1. Naturally, you DO get a Traditional Cloth Cap & Whippet uniform, Comrade.