Saturday, 28 June 2008

Akela, we'll do our best!

For the first time in years I fufilled my Cub Scout promise. I did the great British Public a good deed! Walking Max, I came across a small conflagration near the skate park. Obviously one started by teens as it was nicely designed and constructed, ideal for warming the tootsies whilst hingin' with da massif and consuming the Buckfast and smoking the illicit Woodbines. It was unattended, so I doused the flames with a) half a can of Stella b) some Irn Bru and c) the left overs of a bottle of Pepsi Max all recovered from the bin nearby. That's the sort of initiative that got me my Patrol Leader's bars and a Silver Arrow! The kids of today! When I were a lad, we built these fires well up the hill away from adult discovery and found them very useful for disposing of the evidence of our nefarious doings (fag packets, cider bottles and skuddy books!). Maybe we Fifers are just most sneaky, devious and cunning than the yoof of the Central Belt! Which is why we now rule the Country. Heil Gordon!

I spent most of the day at a Servers Guild Mass and BBQ in Haddington. Lovely Georgian Church, massive Rectory and grounds. Vacant as of August. If you fancy a Marian Shrine in East Lothian for your next Incumbency... Turnout was a wee bit dissappointing, but the Obergruppenfurher der Servers from OSP was on the sick list, so they didn't show.

Wee Jessie (see last blog entry) passed away this morning, so I nipped into the Parish Church in Haddington to pray for her in the Lauderdale Aisle (aka the Shrine of Our Lady of Haddington). Was slightly appalled to discover when I looked at the service register that until the present Rector arrived you were lucky if there was a celebration of the Eucharist there more than once a year in recent years. What has happened to the much vaunted Marian devotion of Piskys in Southern Scotland? Not even an annual jolly from any of the Embra spike shops. And it's nicer than Carfin. Something must be done!

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  1. When I was in my first decade of delinquency we lit our fires in an underground air-raid shelter. One time, we saw my mum looking out of our (top) flat opposite so we stood in front of the entrance to conceal the smoke, thereby almost kippering the unfortunate who was still tending the fire!