Thursday, 12 June 2008

Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to Synod I go!.

Up nice and early to take Max and his silly collar to the vet for a check up (she's very pleased with the healing of the paw this week- she didn't even charge me for the consult!), then the 10 am votive mass of St Coffee and All Biscuits (Setting: Penman - Missa Geriatrica). After that, a quick change from clericals into my "God, save me from your followers" T-shirt (which got me a very funny look from one of the clerical Men in Black when I got there) and off to the General Synod.

Arrived in time for lunch and went to the bloggers workshop. Kimberly said very nice things about this blog and used it as an example! I feel highly flattered, if somewhat gob-smacked. Then into the meat of the day - talking about the Anglican Covenant - which was a surprisingly bloodless debate. I did speak, praising the Covenant Design Group for taking on board what had been said last year about turning the Primates meeting into a Curia, but noting my concern that this draft was trying to turn the ABC into a judge and giving him more power. Don't want a Curia, don't want a Pope, I want to stay Anglican! A thought struck me. If Tony Blair wanted a bloke with a beard to run the Anglican Communion, instead of promoting ++Rowan, why didn't he just co-opt Billy Connolly? At least he dyes his beard purple! And just think of the Lambeth Conference - Peter Akinola vs The Big Yin! Now there's a fight I'd pay Rupert Murdoch's Sky to watch.

The rest of the afternoon was fairly sedate. The Canon on Joint Incumbencies went through, amended as we of the West Forth Area Council had suggested. Evening Prayer was fairly well sung and the Liturgical formation event afterwards for the Edinburgh delegates was quite interesting. By no means the worst day at Synod I've ever experienced.

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