Monday, 30 June 2008

My response to GAFCON.

Is to write a review of the restaurant we went to for dinner tonight. Well, Sydney Smith, Canon, wit and Whig would have done. All my recent blogs have been rather religion fixated and that is never good.
We went to the Wheelhouse. Which is up by the Falkirk Wheel. Logically enough. I've been there a few times for lunch, inspired by a good review in the Daily Record (I don't buy it honest - it's my mum!) by Tam Cowan, football pundit, Motherwell supporter (St Jude, pray for them), wit and gourmand (or fat bees, as they are known in Motherwell). I've always enjoyed the food there, but to be honest, I've always found the service has let them down. I thought it was a case of more of the same tonight when the waitress took us the long way round to our table. But it turned out my initial impression was wrong, as she had simply realised that our table was a bit near a family of 8 with a wee one in a high chair and we might not enjoy being bombarded with spag bol during the main course. Well spotted and full marks!

The starters were excellent. The haggis tower with goats cheese I am told was very nice, but the scallops with black pud and minted pea puree was excellent. Nicely seared juicy scallops and not over powered by the peas (if that is possible) Personally I'd leave out the balsamic drizzle, but it did look lovely on the plate. The mains were equally enjoyable. Tom's braised lamb shank looked very tender and tasty, Margaret's Haggis, Neepsn and Tatties were delicious and the small portion was fairly generous. I toyed with idea of the seared Tuna steak, but opted instead for the pork Salambucca. Now, the last time I ate this dish was in Rome and it was made with veal. Yes, I know they don't farm it terribly ethically on the Continent, but it tastes gorgeous! I wasn't expecting it to quite match that standard when I ordered it and it didn't. The pork was a tad dry in comparison to the veal, but it was nicely seasoned and the dressing was very light. It was also nicely balanced, just like the scallop starter. Just the right amount of delicious new potatoes and roasted veggies. if the Italian version got 11 out of 10, then this got a very creditable 8.5.
No sweets, but a very decent espresso and all for less than £20 a skull. 4 stars out of 5 in my book.

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  1. Perhaps the best response I've seen to GAFCON yet :). And by far the most yummy. Ta.