Friday, 6 June 2008

It's a new dawn, it's a new day..and I sound nothing like Nina Simone in the shower!

"We're really gonna miss Yves St Laurent in the Fashion world, darlings!"
Well, the sore thumb ain't too bad, so nothing broken. Max seems to be coping with his funky headgear - as you can see. He did get his own back though. Yesterday, I took the car to get him back from the vets. He looked as if he was having difficulty climbing in the back seat, so I bent down to lift up my poorly puppy...who promptly worked out how to jump into the car with his lampshade and bopped me on the nose with the top of the plastic collar. When propelled by a 16.6kg Jack Russell cross, this hurts!

Off to Dunblane today with the over 80's in a minibus. Ora pro nobis!


  1. A new line in dog collars? Can't see it catching on among the trendy clergy, can you?

  2. No, but the Evangelicals will love it - no matter how much you want to scratch your it, it still prevents you!