Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fun in the Wild West.

Yesterday I went off to Dumbarton to join in Fr Kenny's 30th anniversary bash. As soon as I left the M9 and headed for Balloch, it started to drizzle - by the time I had got to Kippen, I was semi-aquatic! Yes, I was in the Diocese of Glasgow again. If they ever lose their link with Rwanda, they should think about a link with a bit of Brazil that has rain forests.

St Augustine's (not sure if it's of Canterbury or the Hippie who went conservative after having the kid with the bide in) is a rather impressive piece of Victorian ecclesiastical plant. Big. Very big. By the same architect as Falkirk. He must have had more money to spend then, as Christ Church is titchy by comparison. My official role was that of thurifer. Which I haven't done for at least 3 years. I ended up doubling up as MC, as Kenny and I were the only two in the sanctuary party who had done an eastward facing High Mass in living memory! Curacy's' @ St Trinian's have their uses!

Actually, it went rather well. Good sermon, good singing, Country and Western muzak with the Communion hymns (I wished I had been wearing chaps under my cassock!!) and a really superb buffet. Congrats Fr K.

And today it's off to yet another Robert Rowland Anderson Church to take the MU to the roadshow at Holy Trinity Stirling. And me a Comper fan.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post, Dougal! I laughed through the wooliness of my head after today's op!

    St Aug's is named after the sinner come saint from Hippo! We reckon here that he was the first recovering alcoholic! So, dead appropriate for many of us punters in St Auggie's!

    Thanks foe everything last night!