Friday, 3 July 2009

Just to prove that it isn't all darkness.

Yes, there are good bits in the days and weeks too. Visits from friends who brought an unexpected nun to town - I'd have been happy with Lucozade and a bunch of grapes, really - who had a far better eye for the talent wandering down the Royal Mile than the other 4 of us combined!! Really, that nunnery's changed since Mother Theresa stood down. Joining the Pisky group on the Pride march and steering them away from the Scottish Conservative group with the banner. Dammit, being mistaken for a Tory would mean I could never show my face in Cowdenbeath again! So we went and stood next to the men in frocks - no, not the clergy, the drag merchants! A very uproarious lunch with a friend who's been feeling rocky - although the very idea of sitting in a pub eating Eggs Brady (Eggs Benedict, but the bacon is replaced with smoked salmon MMM!) and drinking Earl Grey at lunchtime would have seemed utterly preposterous not so very long ago. Nobody drinks tea in the pub where I come from!! And tonight a gourmet kebab.

Yup, you read that right. It's not the loopiness within linking the unlikely words "gourmet" and "kebab" - I've found a gourmet kebab shop. None of yer doner mince in this joint. Beef, haggis and Stilton on a stick. Duck and plum, venison, king prawns. I plumped for the Halloumi cheese and Portobello mushroom kebab. Served with shredded salad stuff on a big bit of what was rather like Nan bread. Delish! And the dessert kebabs are rather good too. I never knew you could kebab strawberries!! Could have done with more Nutella though. :-) Mind you, I hae ma doots aboot Nutella as a gourmet option?!

So there is light and some laughter and hope. As long as you have a pulse there's always that.

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