Sunday, 26 July 2009

A new rite, new ritual.

I checked out the recently published Niagara Rite for the Blessing of a Civil (i.e. Same Sex) Relationship and was mildly underwhelmed. Some good bits, some bland bits and some very odd bloopers. Since when was Thomas a Kempis a secular writer? Ain't they heard of the Imitation of Christ in Southern Canada? And JRR Tolkien - know they not that some wag will duly christen this the Hobbit Liturgy for Julian and Sandy? (There, I've done it!!)

Today we had the arrival in the SEC of the Archbishop's (York and Cauntuar) ideas on what to do about Communion in the time of Swine flu. Being off duty and not responsible for the implementation was a mercy, so I have to say I found the use of the Indian palms together and bow gesture at the peace a rather effective replacement for the hugathon we call the peace. Not entirely sure about the dishing out of intincted wafers by the clergy: very slow I thought. And I dislike getting a soggy wafer planked into my mitt, so I did the old Anglo-Papalist tongue out trick. Later it was pointed out that this actually made it more likely to spread infection as the administrator might touch my tongue or lips. Personally, I think that if you think there is a real, serious risk of infection, communion in one kind for the duration seems to be the answer. No mess, no fluid, no problem.


  1. Were you in Englandshire?

    The Archbishops have no jurisdiction in St Mary's Cathedral, Glasgow. We had both the wine and the conventional peace.

  2. Sadly no, this was in the Diocese of Edinburgh.

  3. But have you been following the decision of the Religious Society of Friends in affirming no difference in truth, and in their sacrament, between heterosexual and homosexual unions?

    And, as a entitled body under the law, seeking to have their right to "marry" extended?

    As in many things, the Quakers bravely lead where we will eventually follow.

  4. True enough! Why don't we just get there asap? Because we are still tripping after the mythic Anglican Covenant. But it is necessary that we go through the process, so that when we take the decision to permit the clergy to bless SSR's if they choose, as many are as possible stay on board the Pisky bus.