Thursday, 30 July 2009

Groundhog Days

35 years ago, the American Episcopal Church took unilateral action which threatened to divide the Anglican Communion: then it was ordaining women, now it's gay bishops and blessings. But 35 years on, on the divisive issue they stand somewhat vindicated and the world still turns and Armageddon hasn't happened. Will the same still be true in another 35 years? Probably.

For the record, I thought the world had ended back in 1994 when the SEC got round to ordaining women. I was wrong. The Church has certainly changed but they are in many ways changes for the better. I was there at the Provincial Conference when two friends took to the floor for the Gay Gordon's. Both being male this caused much comment and many said they were being brave. That was within the last 10 years. We have moved on and Laus Deo!

I enjoyed a a rather nice Indian meal last night, munching something from the menu the owners said was made just the way their mother had when they were growing up in tropical Corstorphine. Lovely spinach and lamb and a fair nippy dose of ground green chillies. And yes, before our West Coast correspondents say it, it probably wisnae a patch on the delicacies found in Curry Alley. But good it was and this place doesn't actually sell alcohol so I felt totally comfortable.

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