Friday, 24 July 2009

Strife in the Heather!

I am gently amused by some of the stuff in the Hootsmon today about the Great Homecoming Hooley at Holyrood, particularly the rant article by the Vice President of the Clan MacKenzie Society. According to Mr Mackenzie, the clans of the North were all geared to do a 2009 thingummy about the Gaeltach when a sneaky crew of LOWLAND clans jumped in, negotiated with Visit Scotland and sprang this Homecoming lark on everyone with minimal consultation. It also has a nifty price tag attached to getting in to Holyrood park for the Highland Games (I think £15 to watch big hairy men in kilts tossing their cabers et al is a bit steep meself). I think it's the Highland/Lowland schism that makes me grin most. It seems Fraser's, Mackenzie's and other are boycotting this do. It's like "Culloden: the Replay". History tells us that there were more Lowland Scots than Englishmen shooting at the Jacobite's on Drumossie Moor. We just can't get along can we? And the English think we don't like them?

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