Monday, 22 February 2010

A day at the office

I spent the day reading Policy and Procedure - and lost the will to live at about 2pm. Then home and a burst of dessert cooking - and I make a dam' fine bread and butter pudding! Mebbe all the cooking put me in the mood for something French, but here's some Edith Piaf.


  1. I sympathise entirely ... the problem with most guides to procedure is that they are so boringly and complexly written that you want to burn them and stamp on the ashes.

    But worse awaits I'm afraid - management jargon aplenty. Why not say "a head up" rather than a briefing?

  2. Yeah, and remember you didn't make a bread and butter pudding. You facilitated the actioning of bread and butter consumption by your task performance :-)

  3. i bet you read your weans "Politically Correct Fairytales"!