Monday, 15 February 2010

The mind slightly boggles.

Sometimes you really wonder what is going on in people's minds. Not in the terrorist's mind so much, as in the mind of his unnamed sister. She is quoted as saying: "the sentences were too long. Not even murderers get sentenced that much. Twenty-three years, that's half of his life. It's not fair to him, our community or our religion." Absolute rubbish: it is perfectly fair to hand down a stiff sentence to someone who plotted and planned mass murder. It is not an act of injustice against a community, rather it is justice for the whole community. The law cannot differentiate between crimes because of colour, ethnic background or religious persuasion. That is not justice - it is special pleading and as for the comment on religion - in most Islamic countries the little B****r would have been hanged or shot, so (as I believe they say in Australia) "Don't come the raw prawn"!

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