Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Pilgrims Progress

Evidently, Sure have brought out a deodorant for Weegies: it lasts 48 hrs! Other rib-tickling observations tonight include the observation that my mouser makes me look like Col Mustard in the Library with a candlestick ("but in a GOOD way!"). Thanks people!

The report from the trick cyclist is on its way indicating that Aspergers Syndrome is indeed a condition I have (which is a major liberation actually - bits of my behaviour and life over the years suddenly make a lot more sense). But she also suggested that the type of therapy I have undergoing (psycho dynamic) isn't ideal. Actually, there are 2 conditions it is recommended not to use it in conjunction with - Aspergers and alcoholism. Which may explain why at times it has felt like marching uphill with a kit bag and rifle through bloody treacle! Her suggestion is CBT therapy. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. (And there was me thinking that stood for something else entirely!!) In fact I feel a bit angry about that as I was clear to the therapist from stage on that alcohol was a problem and Aspergers a possibility (as the Aspergers website said I ought to). Why nothing was said to me to indicate there was potentially a problem I don't know. But I think it was what was known to be available and funded that sent me in that direction to start with.

The new job is now definite as all the paperwork has arrived and I will be told about induction training in the next day or so. It's suddenly a bit busy about here! In a GOOD way!


  1. Unbelievable that this wasn't picked up on. However, that was yesterday, and don't let it affect you or cause resentment!

    I remember I heard a "share" in an AA meeting when it was said, "I now see my psychiatrist once a week, because if he doesn't come to his meeting I've told him I won't sponsor him anymore!"

    These guys are ten-a-penny. I sacked three, and four psychologists. They know not what they're doing when it comes to alcoholism, far less aspergers!

  2. No, mild annoyance really. Can't say the psychodynamic's been an utter disaster as I have learnt about what makes me tick and got a chance to address some feelings about my early life. And I did learn to talk about feelings which I never did before.

  3. Good about the job, even if irritating in the hindsight department. But I still worry about that face hair ...
    Hey - word rec. is "quies" - nice one!