Sunday, 21 February 2010

I think it's a bit like bicycling

celebrating the Eucharist. At least in the sense of you never forgetting how to do it. This morning I went out to Murrayfield to preside at the Eucharist in the absence of their Rector. There was a very slight initial glitch with the collect for Purity (playing verbal ping-pong with deacons is something I'm out of the habit of) but I was very glad of a deacon to deal with the ablutions - especially consuming the Precious Blood! It was nice to know I can still do the preach and preside bit rather competently.

A hefty and calorific brunch was followed by a leisurely stroll with the haushund along the canal (which has frozen again). The sum effect of which was to send me to sleep when I had vaguely intended Evensonging! So I watched the Da Vinci Code instead! And tomorrow - back to work!

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