Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A news review...

Well, the announcement at the weekend that the ABC doesn't approve of John Terry's adultery gets my "What next? Scotsman drinks whisky" award for non-news of the year. Despite valiant efforts like: "Pope thinks Catholic schools are a good thing and doesn't like Margo MacDonald's Euthanasia Bill", it's still the least newsworthy. Better is the well deserved award of a BAFTA to Andy Serkis for his portrayal of Ian Drury in "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" He was stupendously like ID, even to the extent of singing the songs with the Blockheads so well I didn't realise it was him and not ID until the closing credits.

The ABC is (evidently) going to read the riot act to the General Synod of the Church of Englandshire. I do sympathise. The Evos and the Anglo-Papalists are all threatening to throw toys out of the pram on Women Bishops. Time to bop the odd skull together and go "If you like it not, join Benny's gang (he'd love to have you) - but forget generous compensation, cos we're skint and too many of youse took the money, ran and came back in 92. Also, if you want to be a biblical fundie, eff off and join the Nigerians. Both can pick up the pensions you've earned up till now after you are 65."

Here endedth the lesson!

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