Thursday, 4 February 2010

Of Soup and surgeries.

The trip to the new doc's surgery to be peered at went well. My blood pressure is normal, my meds prescribed and the Hepatitis B vaccine is now in the fridge awaiting a trip to the practice nurse. And this evening's soup effort for 10 was a triumphant carrot and orange which earned good reviews from the masses. Its sister (the carrot and coriander) was OK, but the fruit and veg combo was an easy winner. I officially rock as a soup maker!

The study group ended with a few thoughts on the Pax in Anglican congregational life which I append below:

We all know a Mrs Beamish!


  1. .... Glad to hear you're well.

    Thanks for the song!

    It should be played every term at every theological college in the British Isles.

  2. Indeed and every theological student ought to be issued with Jim Cotter's excellent wee book of cartoons "No thanks,I'm 1662" on the peace and what not to do with a Pax Brede!