Saturday, 10 April 2010

Booze and my Barminess

Right, time for something mildly serious. When we were in GHQ for our training day, I picked up a book from our library. "Aspergers and Alcohol: drinking to cope". Given that I have both of the key words in the title as a major factor in my life, I thought it might be relevant. I read some of it the other night when my client had gone to bed nice and early. The stuff on adolescence was just my teenage years written up and I swung between relief ("THAT'S what was going on - I wasn't crazy!"), anger ("Why TF didn't someone notice there was a problem?") and a nice sense of self pity ("Poor teenage me"). And I felt like crying but I didn't. But I didn't wallow there too long - that is a bad idea. I found myself remembering the good things in my life today and going "it was worth the journey" (OK, a large part of the journey was utterly Shi'ite!). Happily, I zipped along to a meeting last night as I knew my wee heid needed some help with all this. Which it got! There is something terribly therapeutic about these meetings - the Sh**e Shared factor.

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  1. Glad you're sharing the stuff. More men need to realise this! Hard to deal with nonetheless.