Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Into every life, alittle rain must fall.

Arrgh! I went on a spot of training and admin yesterday which was OK, but I got asked to step into the office and was told that I was being shifted from the new project at Bingham (posh Craigmillar) to the big project at Shandon as there were too many male staff and not enough women (one client will only work with women). Plus - it's at the end of the road and walkable. Minus - it has the most challenging behaviours of all the units, it's all male and I've heard rumours that it's not the happiest place staff wise. I did say yes (people pleaser/it beats commuting to East Lothian which was the other option) but ain't entirely ecstatic. How in the name did it take from January to April to work out your clients would only work with women?

So today it's a day off and I'm going arty again. Why pay when there's good free stuff on the doorstep? Comments on the General Election can wait.

1 comment:

  1. I am noticing you must be
    flexible for your new job.
    Good luck with it John.

    Proud of your transitioning
    and your upbeat nature of late.
    You inspire me, and I don't know
    if I could have done it.

    Later friend.