Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Sympathy for the (non) devil!

I feel a strange sympathy for Gordon Brown tonight. His comment in the car to his aide was certainly misguided (didn't sound like bigotry to me) and his reaction a bit OTT (but he is in a high stress situation just now) but his post apology press chat was simply awful. He went for smiles when a positively sober and grave attitude would have been more appropriate and he called the wumman by her 1st name rather than "Mrs Murphy" It was cringe-making and desperately embarrassing. I quietly shuddered for him because, although I do not support his party, he is a human being, a decent man and an excellent constituency MP for my home town. Poor beggar as they say.


  1. I agree. I've just posted about it, as you will see.
    Word recognition today: entedall - sufficiently like "end it all" for my gloomy frame of mind!

  2. Bigoted? No' really. Racist? Maybe. What a world when a casual remark, we all make them don't we, gets you crucified. And all the fault of not turning off your radio microphone!

    I feel so sorry for GB. The press have really decided he's not going to be around much longer. Pity! He's the best of the three for Englandshire!

    I'm becoming more and more grateful for the Scottish Parliament

  3. I agree.
    I sometimes think Brown will be happier away from Downing Street. But Clegg-over and "Dave" will get their honeymoon period.