Thursday, 1 April 2010

Maundy Thursday - Year 1.

This is the 1st Triduum I've done since going Non Stip. There is already a different pace to it. I finished a sleepover at 8am, came home, helped in the House, showered, shaved and donned clericals. Then I went to the Cathedral to renew my ordination vows. I'd have said "and concelebrate" but we didn't. We wore chasubles and said nowt during the Eucharistic prayer - thereby concelebrating as much as a gang of ecclesiastical wally dugs! And please could we have a change from the Britten setting next year? It sounds like someone ought to call child protection at the opening of the Sanctus! Lunch, then off to the chiropractor. Being a "day off", I had a leisurely latte in Costa, then home for a nice soak in the bath before feeding and legging it to the Maundy Mass at St Michael's. Where I hope we can concelebrate better than at the Cathedral. See you later!

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  1. You'd better ask Mr B to compose something!