Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Pastures new.

Since Monday, I've been based at my new (and hopefully long term placement) a mere 20 minutes walk away. Much less laid back, rather more challenging - and better grub! Staff macaroni cheese and chips on Monday, fried brekkie this morning - I could easily get used to this! The 7.30am starts are less of a joy but I will adjust. I'm mildly annoyed to discover that one of the male staff from there is being shifted to where I was supposed to go (so much for HQ's line that it was about rebalancing the gender weighting of the team to meet service user requirements - more like the other bloke hacked off all his colleagues here by being an idle gobs***e).

I am fascinated by the process of this general election. Much raving that the Lib Dems (my lot) will do awfully well. I am ancient enough to remember David Steel telling us to go back to our constituencies and prepare for government. It really depends on the 2 remaining debates. If our Cameronian clone leader performs well, who knows? I still think it was awful the way we dumped Charlie Kennedy. As long as our wee ray of Economic sunshine Vince gets to run the economy, I'm not fussy!