Friday, 30 April 2010

Days Off.

I went to catch up with Ma today. She's been away in Tunisia (cue Charlie Parker soundtrack) - but her week turned into 12 days courtesy of that danged volcano. First the Cod Wars, then the banks - now the volcano. Why don't we just nuke Iceland? I mean, imagine using Kerry Katona as your Ambassador - you'd almost be as potty as the British FCO (Vatican section)! I cooked tea (seafood stir fry with sweet chili and ginger sauce - Morrison's finest!). Yesterday I visited the chiro and had the back tweaked and I feel much more limber! Missed the 3rd Leader's debate but feel a vague sense of gloom - the thought of a Tory administration just sits ill with me, especially when I was back in the ole home town and remembered school classmates going to soup kitchens during the Miner's Strike - I simply cannot bring myself to consider voting Tory. A broken society - yes, but who broke it with an insane rush to rampant individualism? TBW as Ted Heath called her. I just hope we get a hung parliament this time.


  1. Quite right.

    Hang the lot of "em!

  2. Wait, I have MP arguing that all MP's (except him) ought to be well hung? Life is one surprise after another;-)!

  3. Well hung? Yes. But only like dead pheasants.