Saturday, 4 February 2012

Good Holmes and new Bishops.

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It has been brought to my attention (during the lunch break at the Electoral Synod - and no no new bishop yet as this is the "hustings"  meeting, we actually vote next week) that I've been blathering on about saints a lot recently.  True indeed.  The nearest thing to sort of social life I have had recently was an outing to the pictures with Rachel to watch "Sherlock Holmes 2"  Good fun it was too.  having never gone to see one, I was pleasantly surprised by Robert Downey Jr as Holmes, rather impressed by Jude Law as Watson and quietly freaked by Jared Harris as Moriarty.  Actually I was more freaked by a moment when suddenly he was the living, breathing spit of his father, the late, great Richard Harris.  (That's the original Dumbledore to the young and Cromwell opposite Alec Guinness's King Charles I for the film buffs).  I still adore the Jeremy Brett TV series best of all and quite enjoy Benedict Cumberbatch's efforts in Sherlock.  And of course the books are sublime!

The electing of a bishop is an essentially quite humdrum process to anyone who's ever been in politics.  3 candidates, 3 presentations to say why we should pick X or Y, 1/2 an hour to create some questions.  Then lunch and the candidates respond to the questions (4 composite queries were submitted).  Personally I'd rather have had unedited questions from the floor  a la General Synod and none of the "redacted by the primus" queries which really didn't give us much of a chance to get a feel for the candidates style under fire.  However, the process was efficiently done and simply confirmed me in my reaction when Bishop Brian retired.  I was asked who I thought might be a good bishop, I named a certain priest who is one of the 3 shortlisted and after today's hustings, I felt his vision and manner were what I think the diocese needs just now.  which I did a year ago.  No surprises there then.  At least I'm consistent.

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