Sunday, 12 February 2012

The New Bishop!

 Very Rev Dr John Armes

As you might have noticed, we in the Diocese of Embra have been electificating a new Bishop.  Confidentiality and all that means I can't  give a blow by blow account of the process ("No Canon's egos were harmed in the making of this new bishop" and other such disclaimers may be issued elsewhere) but I am personally well chuffed that the Dean, the Very Rev Dr John Armes of St John's Princes Street (that weel kent site for leftist graffiti and Choral Mattins), was elected.  His style has enabled good and creative dialogue to be held with disparate viewpoints both within the Anglican internal context and in Interfaith and political concerns.  And he has been clear about his unease with the whole Anglican Covenant thing and solidly supportive of LGBT people and clergy and in favour of Same Sex relationships being normalised within the Church.  In other words a decent middle of the road Anglican Churchman with sensibly liberal views on some sensitive matters.  And nice and pastoral man (who vaguely resembles the late Vladimir Lenin minus the taste for gulags!)

I prepared for all this electing by going to see "Avenue Q" at the Playhouse the night before but resisted the temptation to go from Electing a Bishop to viewing the new Muppet Movie! Good stuff (like Sesame Street but with refs to porn and being gay and Everyone being a little bit racist!).

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